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Threading Tools

  • Dependable heavy duty machines for maximum up-time, superior quality threads and minimal threading time.
  • Industry’s widest selection of hand and power threading equipment.
  • Manual “hammer” type chuck and “auto-chuck” models.

Manual Ratchet Threaders
   Exposed Ratchet Threader Sets    
   Enclosed Ratchet Threader Sets    
   Ratchet and Handle Only    
   Three-way Pipe Threaders    
   Exposed Ratchet Bolt Threader    
   Carrying Case    
   Hand Threader Die Heads    
   Manual Threader Pipe & Bolt Dies

Manual Receding Threaders
   Model 65R-TC    
   Model 65R-C    
   Models 141/161 Geared Receding Threaders

Threading Accessories
   Geared Threader Accessories    
   Thread Sealant    
   Cutting Oil    
Hand-Held Power Threaders
   Model 600    
   Model 690    
   Model 700    
Power Threading Machines
   Model 300 Power Drive    
   Model 300 Complete    
   Model 535A Threading Machine    
   Model 535 Threading Machine    
   Model 1210 Threading Machine    
   Model 1215 Threading Machine    
   Model 300 Compact Threading Machine    
   Model 1822-1 Threading Machine    
   Optional Die Heads    
   Model 1224 Threading Machine    
   Pipe Dies for Machine Die Heads    
   Nipple Chucks/Adapters    


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