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Threading Tools

RIDGID Thread Sealants

RIDGID Gray and White proprietary formulas are NFS and UPC listed and approved for potable water use. The non-toxic, lead-free formulas wont harden or freeze, allowing easy disassembly of joints without compromising thread integrity.

The Gray Sealant is a smooth extra-tacky paste that clings to the threads and provides a leak-proof seal. RIDGID Gray Sealant prevents thread corrosion and is approved for use in water, steam, air and natural gas, as well as in diluted acids, caustics, LPG and oil lines. RIDGID Gray should be used on metal pipes only.

RIDGID White Sealant with ultra-fine Teflon particles allows for tighter seal with less effort. The formula is not affected by oils, dilute acids or common solvents and can be used on PVC, CPVC, ABS, nylon, polypropylene, polybutylene, delrin, cycolac, as well as on metal pipes. RIDGID White Sealant should not be used on lines carrying oxygen, halogens or liquid sodium.


Gray (no Teflon) 
Cat. No. Description Weight Per Case
lb. kg
84282 1/2 pint can (brush-in-can) 7 1/2 3.3
84287 1 pint can (brush-in-can) 26 11.79
84292 1 quart can (brush-in-can) 26 11.79

White (with Teflon)
Cat. No. Description Weight Per Case
lb. kg
84332 1/2 pint can (brush-in-can) 11 4.99
84337 1 pint can (brush-in-can) 26 11.75
Note: Working pressure for all RIDGID sealants is 125 p.s.i. Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.


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