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Location & Inspection
NaviTrack II Locator
NaviTrack II Cat #96967    

NaviTrack II navigates you to the location of underground pipes quickly and easily. It tracks energized lines with ease.

NaviTrack II Locates:
  • SeeSnake In-Line Transmitters.
  • Remote Transmitters (Sondes).
  • Energized Metallic Lines.
  • Approach the transmitter from any direction for faster, more accurate locates.
  • Maximize the signal and the locate is complete.
  • Verify the locate using the large mapping display.
  • Depth measurement is continuous.
  • Depths of greater than 15' can be read.
NaviTrack II provides unprecedented ease of use. Due to NaviTrack IIs advanced technology, training time is greatly reduced. You can learn to locate with NaviTrack II in minutes.

Weight: 5 lbs.
Power Source: 4 C-Cell batteries.
Battery Life Approximately 16 hours.

Standard Frequencies
Sonde: 512 Hz.
Active Line Trace: 128 Hz, 1 kHZ, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 262 kHz.
Passive AC Line Trace 60 Hz, 50 Hz.

Additional Frequencies
Sonde: 16 Hz, 640 Hz, 850 Hz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 33 kHz.
Active Line Trace: 65 kHz, 200 kHz.

Standard Equipment
Hard Plastic Carrying Case.
Surface Markers and Clip.
Instructional DVD.
Operators Manual.
4 C-Cell batteries.

For users that locate both remote transmitters and energized lines on a regular basis, NaviTrack II is the fastest, easiest, most versatile locator.
NaviTrack II

Ordering Information
Cat. No. Description Weight
lb. kg
96967 NaviTrack II Locator 5 2.3
22388 NaviTrack II Carrying Case 9 4.0
12543 Marker Chips and Clip - -


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