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Ridgid Tools

Pressing Technology Pressing Technology

RIDGID Pressing Technology drives the speed and reliability you need when making pressed connections on Copper, Stainless Steel, PEX and Multi-Layer Tubing. High Performance RIDGID Pressing Tools provide repeatable, consistent joints every time. Whether you are pressing 3/8" PEX or 4" Copper, Ridge Tool has the right Press Tool for the job.

Drain Maintenance Drain Maintenance

RIDGID Drain Cleaning Tools are recognized by professionals for their quality, performance and innovation. They are built to maximize your up time in the field. Regardless of size or application, from 1/2" to 24" pipes RIDGID has the tool and the product support you need to meet your drain cleaning needs. Our complete line of drain cleaning machines lets you offer a wider array of services to your customers which helps you grow your business and drive profits.

Location and Inspection Location and Inspection

RIDGID Locating and Inspection Tools are the tools of choice for professionals around the world. RIDGID SeeSnake cameras are the industry standard for ruggedness and pushability allowing you to grow your business through selling more services. RIDGID SeekTech locators use ground breaking technology to deliver faster, easier, more accurate locates. Combined, RIDGID Location and Inspection equipment allows you to diagnose and locate the target pipe or cable with greater speed, accuracy and confidence providing another tool to help grow your business and maximize profits.

Pipe and Tubing Tools Pipe Threading Tools

RIDGID Pipe and Tubing Tools include the legendary RIDGID pipe wrench, the most complete and premier line of threading and roll grooving equipment, best-in-class pipe and tubing cutters, bending and forming tools, and a variety of other pipe-working tools and accessories. RIDGID Pipe and Tubing Tools perform the same every time, job after job, under the toughest conditions.

General Purpose Tools General Purpose

Ridge Tool offers a broad line of general purpose hand tools that are used in a variety of applications. The RIDGID product line includes best-in-class vises, bolt and cable cutters, pliers, snips, screw extractors, hole saws, levels, and hacksaws. Weve also recently added our new RIDGID electrical cutting, stripping, and crimping tools, which include the innovative RIDG-BACK blade for easier cutting, as well as the MicroRay IR-100 non-contact infrared thermometer for a variety of diagnostic uses.

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