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Drain Maintenance
K-1500G Sectional Machine
K-1500 Cat #44587    
For 2" to 10" (50-250mm) Drain/Sewer Lines 

A gasoline engine makes the K-1500G well-suited for cleaning lines in remote locations where electrical power is unavailable. Cuts through roots fast.
Unique, easy-to-use, instant-acting cable clutch maximizes operator control.
Pull down on the handle and the cable spins at 600 RPM.
Release frees cable instantly, automatic throttle control idles engine.
Comes equipped to use 11/4" cable to clean 3" to 10" lines through 300 feet (75-250mm, 92m).
6 HP gasoline engine drives cable via four-speed transmission. Allows the operator to vary the cable spinning speed to fit the application. Forward speeds of 333, 425 and 500 RPM, and a reverse speed of 250 RPM.
Low-profile, four-wheel cart easily rolls to the job. Guards against machine upset and possible fuel spillage.

Machine Dimensions
Width Wheel to Wheel 26"
Length Including Kickstand 28"
Ground to Top of Handle 38"
Back of Handle to Front 49"
Ground to Top of Housing Shell 27"

Machine Options
Cat. No. Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
44587 K-1500G Machine Only with A-1 Glove, A-12 Coupling Pin Key and A-34-10 Rear Guide Hose 190 86.4
48462 K-1500G w/C-14 Machine with Standard Equipment, includes:
Ten Sections Of C-14 Cable, Total 150 Feet
Three A-8 Cable Carriers
A-1 Left-Hand Mitt
A-12 Coupling Pin Key
A-34-12 Rear Guide Hose
A-2864 Hex Key
A-3516 Hex Key
A-3 Tool Box
T-2 Heavy-Duty Straight Auger
T-4 Heavy-Duty Funnel Auger
T-6 Retrieving Auger
T-8 Grease Cutter
T-13 Sawtooth Cutter
T-50 Sharktooth Cutter


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