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Drain Maintenance
K-1000 Rodder Machine
Model K-1000
Cleans 8" to 24" (200-610mm) Drain/Sewer Lines 

A rugged, compact machine well-suited for straight main line work in municipalities, universities, institutions and industry. Drives sectional sewer rods through long, straight runs of larger diameter pipe up to 500 feet.
Equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward/reverse transmission. Rod rotates at 133 RPM in forward and reverse at full throttle.
Spring-loaded throttle control is hand operated. Varies rod speed within each speed range. Returns engine speed to idle and disengages clutch when operator releases throttle.
Adjustable torque limiter minimizes kinking of rods and excessive torque through transmission system.

Model K-1000

Machine Options
Cat. No. Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
59175 K-1000 Rodder Machine, includes:
B-3542 Rod Driver
A-2704 Tool Driver
A-3567 Drive Pin
R-0 Rod Turner
A-4558 Torque Adapter
A-12 Coupling Pin Key
A-1 Operators Mitt (LH)
A-2 Operators Mitt (RH)
160 75
84295 K-1000 Rodder Machine, same as above, plus:
20 Sections of A-2475, 5/16" Rod, Total of 100 Feet
T-300 Spear Head Cutter
T-317 Auger
T-326 Pick-Up Tool
210 95


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