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Electric Eel Products


The EC-5 Mini Camera Drain Line Inspection System is designed to inspect 2"- 8" drain lines and weighs only 25 lbs. for easy transport. Features a 5" Black & White monitor with a 1.2 inch Black & White camera. Includes 100 Ft. of durable push cable and a 512 HZ In-Line transmitter all conveniently housed in a lightweight and highly portable reel. Jacks are provided on the unit for an external recording device.

200 System
Available in B/W or color. Color camera measures only 1.5" in diameter. Reel holds up to 300 Ft. of push rod. Designed for use in 3" - 10" diameter lines.
EelCam Systems ideal for inspection of sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, service laterals, chimneys, HVAC ducts and more. Many additional options available. Now available with a DVD recorder or the standard VCR (same price.)

7LCD Color System
Fully portable EC-7LCD inspection system has 7" LCD monitor attached to reel for easy transport. Features include in-line transmitter, on-screen count, microphone, centering sleeves, 1.5" color camera, and VCR connections. Unit comes standard with 200 ft. of gel-rod push cable. Now available with optional DVD recorder.

15LCD Elite System
The compact and portable EC-15LCD color system features a DVD recorder, a hard disk drive, color camera (self-leveling available), in-line transmitter, 15" LCD monitor, on screen count w/keyboard, microphone, camera test port, centering sleeves for 4"- 6" lines, standard 20 ft. of gel-rod push cable and 30" cable reel w/brake. System also available with DVD/VCR combo. The DVD and monitor are housed in a heavy duty, fold up briefcase style case for easy transport.

EelCam Pipeline Location
Equipment & Accessories

A variety of pipeline location equipment and accessories are available from Electric Eel:
  • LF2000 Digital Receiver locates 512 Hz sounds in case iron or non-metallic lines:
  • Aluminum Roller with wheels skid for large lines
  • Spring Carrier for FV transmitter

Buzz Box traces utilities or other underground metallic lines and comes complete with cable and ground rod:

  • “Tape-on” Transmitter

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